Manuel Moreno - Come With Me EP

Tracks 1. Manuel Moreno - Come WIth Me

2. Manuel Moreno - Come With Me (Filtertypen Remix)


3. Manuel Moreno - Hello Bernhard


4. Manuel Moreno - Hello Bernhard (Normen Hood Remix)


4. Manuel Moreno - Im Sorry

Genre House




Cat No.


Release Date

6th August 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Manuel Moreno, Filtertypen & Normen Hood Link




Manuel Moreno confidently steps forward with this latest release on young German label, Yippie. The Swiss maestro delivers three originals and two remixes from the label owners, Filtertypen and Norman Hood. It’s a package that definitely deserves some wider recognition than it’s label predecessors and I’m chuffed to be reviewing this one. I can safely say it’s no frills, deep house, on the techier side of the line. So anyway, let’s get in to it!


Come With Me is a sultry seven and a half minutes of deep and electronic tech-house. A smooth and wary build up of synths and drums eventually culminate in a melodic progression change. And a crucial change it is. Nice reversed and effected vocal snippets fall in and around the mix throughout and the breakdown of an airy, searching vocal line complements the tense and anxious synth lines being played, finished off with a hook line of synthetic bells. A dark, eerie and versatile track worth bagging, for sure.


Come With Me (Filtertypen Remix) – Taking things from straight up deepness to groove central, the Filtertypen remix immediately livens matters up and I find myself nodding my head, tapping those toes and catching some odd looks from all around me in the office within 30secs. It drives through the head-cans and is a touch techier than what else is on offer. Simple use of the original elements riding high in the mix and some nice slow attacking stabs complementing the relentless and hefty bass line are all that’s needed though. This is a definite gear change-up from the original and a very worthy alternative to complement the package.


Hello Bernhard – As quirky a little track as the unusual name may suggest, Hello Bernhard is a funky upstart of a tune, scattered with haphazard vocal snippets from the outset. This is a wonderfully arranged bass and beat melee; one for the percussion heads out there! As the track delves in to the breakdown before the first drop your ears are treated to an engorging chord and keys progression, eventually taking the reigns off the drums altogether, thus allowing some time to reflect. It’s a neat technique from Manuel and serves to set the scene perfectly in this nearly 9min piece. Once back in to the full mix of things it’s an infectious blend of driving, bouncing bass, scuttling hi-end percussion and simple pad work, stabs and a synth high-line. This is my top pick of the EP and one that will definitely be a record box must have!


Hello Bernhard (Normen Hood Remix) – The flipside of the original is Normen’s dark and edgier take on the original, the evil twin if you will. The bass dances about the track more like the hook line than a standard bass line. It’s left it to the synths to provide the rhythmic reference points and allows the track to purr along real nice. A cool take on the original for sure and one for the sunrise lovers.


I’m Sorry proves that it’s sometimes the simplest things in music that work best. The deep, rumbling two-note bass-line works perfectly with the low punching kick. Sitting underneath the minimal hat-work and light shakers with only a few sporadic tom hits and synth stabs to energize the mix, it’s a subtly delivered track but trucks along very well indeed. A nonchalant female vocal writhes through the mix and is occasionally joined by a fluttering hi-passing synth line. Delicate maneuvers for dark, dark spaces.


Manuel delivers a deep and techy House EP here, with tight production throughout and remixes that do proper jobs!


Yippie deserves some more attention. It’ll be getting mine on future releases! Well done fella’s!


Reviewed by - Leon Clarkson

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