Tomson & Benedict - We_Ctrl

Tracks 1. Tomson & Benedict - Switch

2. Benedict - Automatism


3. Tomson - Time For Change

Genre Deep House




Cat No.


Release Date

2nd July 2012 (Vinyl)

16th July 2012 (Digital)

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Tomson & Benedict Link




As an established party capital of the UK, Manchester has certainly given the world what it wants when it comes to the underground music industry. Risen from this is Manchester based duo,Tomson & Benedict. These two are the latest to begin their movement to the foreground of the music industry with the debut release from their very own imprint We_ctrl. Having released on many credible labels in the past such as MorrisAudio, Hudd Traxx and Freerange to name just a few, now is certainly time for Tomson & Benedict to spread their wings with their very own Label.

Overall, a solid three track EP is what Tomson & Benedict have gifted us deep house lovers. A well produced, tight EP, concentrating on synths and stabs that swing around solid kick drums throughout, creating a classic early morning groove that's certain to enhance that feeling of ecstasy on the dancefloor come 5am.

We_ctrl has set off on the right foot with its debut release. Two incredibly talented artists with an exciting label that I'm sure will cement itself in deep house for years to come. We_ctrl001 is out now so grab your copy and play it loud!


Reviewed By - Harry Matisse

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