Dejan Milicevic | Trust And The Purpose

Tracks A1. Show Us Your Good - Original Mix
  A2. Open Like Never Before - Original Mix
  B1. From The Dirt Comes The Paranoia - Original Mix
  B2. You Know Who We Are Feat: KayKay - Original Mix
Genre Deep Detroit House


Gilesku Records



Cat No.


Release Date

(Vinyl - Dec 2011)

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Dejan Milicevic Label


Innovative Serbian producer Dejan Milicevic drops his debut release 'Trust And The Purpose' on the fabulous Gilesku Records.


This EP is a real gem for any deep Detroit house DJ's record bag. Loads of soul, feeling and mighty deep goodness. I feel this one of them records at some stage you wish you bought two copies.


A1: Show Us Your Good - A delightful number! A really cool deep sound that enhances a good feeling. Perfect for warm-up or that special time of the evening when a crowd is locked in. Really love this track. Fantastic way to open the EP.


A2: Open Like Never Before - Another really cool track that oozes lushness on the production. The jazzy drum vibe works together with beautiful keys, filtered reversed musical element and spoken words to shout soul. Elegant build ups and subtle drops keep the track exciting and interesting. Very Nice!


B1: From The Dirt Comes The Paranoia - This one picks up the pace on the EP a tad and pitches a livelier vibe. Once again, on the Jazz tip, I really feel the soul in the music! This ones a real bouncy one I'm sure will work well with a fun crowd. Really love this.


B2: You Know Who We Are Feat: KayKay - I'm hooked! Raw underground deep house music, here it is! The production is fantastic: drums and percussion work together seamlessly, low-end bass brings a real deep vibe and the keys add the musical element to round this bad boy off to perfection. For me, the stand-out track on the EP for sure.


Really looking forward to hearing more from Dejan Milicevic and the Gilesku Records imprint.


Available now on 12" but hurry as can't see them staying around for long. Hot Plastic!


Words by Jon Reynolds

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