Shall Ocin - Tribute To Summertime EP

Tracks 1. Tribute To Summertime

2. Feel The Same


3. I Know

Genre House



12" Vinyl/Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

1st October 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Shall Ocin Link

Leftroom Records



Hot Creations Head Jamie Jones and Visonquest Boss Seth Troxler have given rave reviews on BBC1 radio for Nicolas Abalos' AKA Shall Ocin's new EP 'Tribute to Summertime", announcing that this is a must have record for Autumn 2012.


Released on the sexy and soulful 'Leftroom Records', the EP titled tune 'Tribute to Summertime" oozes new sounds and ideas that are pushing the boundaries on the nu sound of deep house that Jones and Troxler have made popular and familiar to all in the last year. The grooves are house, the bass is deep, vocals epic; coupled with an underlying classic 90's Chicago soul vibe, gives this track the perfect balance of new and old styles of deep house. 7/10


'Feel The Same' begins in darker and deeper territory, with vocals that would make Art Department blush. The driving percussion line, coupled with a plucked bouncy bass line leave your mind melting while the rasping vocals dominate over the top. This song may well be one of the house favourites this summer, while the sound is not as accessible for the general public as 'Tribute to Summertime', chances are, if you hear this played you'll be grooving. 8/10


Every good E.P has one tune which is a little more experimental; production technique that is progressive and incorporates elements from different genres, but still retains its house integrity. This is exactly what Abalos has served up with his final tune 'I Know'. The ambiance is led by samples and glitches normally associated with James Blake and co. and other left field genres, but then added is an uplifting classical guitar riff followed by a deep plucked bass line that gives this tune its house groove. Finally added, driving kicks along with percussive elements more associated with deep house, which gives this song a swirling and epic build up, and a fantastic touch, to a brilliantly diverse and progressive E.P.


Words By Samuel Devitt

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