Andrea Santoro AKA Santorini - The Smooth EP

Tracks A1. A Good Swell

A2. Fuckin Bullshit



B1. Freezing Depth

  B2. Im Fool
Genre Deep House





Cat No.


Release Date

4th June 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


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If you are familiar with the rather obscure Outelectronic Recordings (OUT-ER for short), you will know they have only been around for one year and their catalogue is comprised of just 5 releases. You’ll also know what sets them apart from the mass of freshly founded labels sprung up like mushrooms after rain once the new wave hype hit the streets - it’s the highly consistent music  which persists throughout their catalogue and which is only available on wax.


This leads us to one of the label's most prolific and well known artists, Italian Andrea Santoro also known as Santorini.  We can't say for sure when Andrea began producing, but his first releases date back from 2006. Through the years he has gained the attention of many established Italian, German and British labels, releasing mostly on digital format.  He has also managed to put out an average of 10 vinyl pressings.  His producing efforts culminated this year when the debut album 'Through Your Eyes' went public on Recycle Records, a label born of a joint idea of his and Guido Nemola.


Santorini's 'The Smooth EP' started shipping in late may and is comprised of four tracks, ranging from deep house, dub techno, broken beat electronica and hypnotic dub-stepped techno. The "smooth" adventure begins on the A side with 'A Good Swell', a deep and fine dub techno piece filled with washed out pads, an unbalanced bass line and scattered hi-hats all beautifully punctuated by a 909 clap. The journey continues with the boldly titled 'Fucking Bullshit', an extremely playful piece of harsh techno riddled with filtered synth stabs and echoed harped pluck-like sounds reminiscent of the progressive era. 


Side B takes us to a slightly different realm of deep dark techno with 'Freezing Depth'. A somewhat lean track built around a pulsating bass line and a simple yet very hypnotic metallic chord.  Santorini closes his EP with an atmospheric fusion of techno and dubstep which manages to be both mild and harsh at the same time and is most worthy end to this magnificent release. OUT-ER is definitely a label I’ll be keeping a close eye on and I highly recommend you to check out both OUTER003 and OUTER004 for a more housey and jacking approach from the likes of The Analogue Cops and Luciano Esse.


Reviewed by Victor Stan

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