Mr HO - The Inflated EP

Tracks 1. The Inflated

2. No Explanation


3. No Explanation (Nick Harris Waker Up Remix)

Genre Deep House




Cat No.


Release Date

31st October 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Mr Ho Link

Klasse Recordings



Hong Kong born, now Berlin based Mr. Ho is set to release his forthcoming E.P 'The Inflated' on Klasse Recordings. The E.P is also backed with a remix by NRK boss Nick Harris. Mr Ho has gone about creating an E.P that is both respectful of the old school, and has "paired this with modern techniques, creating a unique and refreshing sound".


The E.P titled tune 'The Inflated', begins with heavy sampling from the 1989 house classic 'Can You Feel It' by Mr. Fingers, coupled with a tweaked percussion line featuring 909 claps and snares, you immediately fall into this chuggy house thriller. As chuggy as the percussion line may seem, the song progresses primarily through the bass line with its appreciating oscillating mid waves that swirl in and out of the tune, building through subby kick drums, which flows perfectly with the Latin infused bongo's and high hats, that makes this tune a new school classic, and a late night anthem.


'No Explanation' starts in completely different house territory to 'The Inflated', screaming funk, groove and Chicago House. Still retaining the E.P's old school vibe, this song progresses to a different level. It's bouncy bass line captures the ear as the main feature of the song, but its off beat, almost hip hop percussion line, pushes that Chicago deep house sound. The minor chord synth stabs give the song its groove, and aid in it's subtle yet dramatic build up, which drops into a brilliantly thought out harmony. Couple this with spoken vocals, makes this a song you will have on repeat for hours.


To finish this E.P is a remix of 'No Explanation' by Nick Harris, that probably best encapsulates where the sound of house is currently heading. It's quicker, slightly more groove to it, and something that you would probably hear at panorama bar, to Fabric or anywhere in between.


Reviewed By - Samuel Devitt

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