Stojche | Tangible Assets 002

Tracks 1. You & Me

2. Mechanism


3. Revolt


4. Podrum

Genre Deep House



Vinyl Only

Cat No.


Release Date

18th May 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!





On the strength of strong demand following Tangible Assests first release, it comes as no surprise that Stojche returns with his second installment via his solo imprint.  Rapidly becoming an artist to be reckoned with, Stojche is most certainly leading the pack when it comes to those limited vinyl releases that make our ears dance with excitement!


One record, incorporating four cuts of essential dubbed house music, each championing that psychedelic deep house sound we all love - especially when in that state of euphoria we reach come 5am.  Each track entices the listener from every angle and showcases the finest in acidic production.  It could be argued that all four tracks trend a similar vibe, but with each track retaining its individual personality, the listener’s journey is affected in different ways.


Tangible Assets 002 maintains its character throughout, highlighting the skills Stojche incorporates into this spiritual deep house / techno bomb! An hypnotic groove, invoking an outer space feel, this atmospheric EP defines the musical trance Stojche consistently achieves with each release he dishes out.  


Overall, Tangible Assets 002 is an EP that puts the D into Dub and is exactly what we have come to expect from the expert himself.  As we know stock is limited, so grab your copy quick - you certainly do not want to miss out on this one!  


Reviewed by Harry Matisse

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