Motorcitysoul - Playground EP

Tracks A1. Playground

A2. Playground (Basic Dub)

  B1. Playground (Mario Basanov Vocal Remix)
  B2. Playground (Mario Basanov Remix)
Genre House



Vinyl (Red Vinyl 12")

Cat No.


Release Date

29th October 2012

Mastered By

Steffen Muller Mastering


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Carry On Records



Motor City Soul is back from a short hiatus and come back with the sexy and seriously cool 'Playground' E.P, which has been backed with a vocal edit and remix by the newcomer of 2011/2012 Lithuanian Mario Basanov who is making his mark on the disco/house scene from London, to Paris and all the way down under.


When an E.P receives backing from 'Eats Everything' to the 'Mekanism' and even Eric Estornal, it has to be something seriously special. This is exactly what is dished up by Motorcitysoul in 'Playground'. The original mix is a bouncy and deep house cult classic, with acid infused bass lines and driving percussion, and swirling synths, give this tune a killer groove.


The dub mix is obviously more focused on percussion and progression of bass lines and vocal cut ups. But this is so much more than a dub mix, it creates an uplifting sense of groove coupled with its genius percussion, and deep synths make this dub's one of the best of post summer 2012.


Enter Mario. Completely changes the vibe of 'Playground' with his vocal remake. Instantly the synth stabs scream 80's disco, and the organic drums help drive the tune along. The beautiful vocals are re mastered perfectly and go perfectly with Basanov's perfectly perverted bass line riffs, and with his mid harmony's. Add in groovy plucked guitars helps progress this song to a beautifully crafted build up and drop, and is perfect weather your lying by the pool, or at a dark dingy hole in the wall.


The Basanov remix incorporates the harmony introduced in the vocal remake, and makes it the melody giving it an interesting and more soulful take on 'playground'. Much more bass is involved in the remix, and then previously introduced by the other versions, however a lighter percussion line makes this much darker. The off beat synths give this tune an uncontrollable groove, and finishes off this E.P which is easily one of the best deep/disco E.P's of 2012, welcome back MotorcitySoul and we can't wait for Mario Basanov's upcoming album!


Reviewed By - Samuel Devitt

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