Tuccillo & Willie Graff | Phonomontage EP

Tracks A1. Set Me Free
  A2. Lunar Feelings
  B1. Get It On
Genre Deep House / Disco



Vinyl & Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

Vinyl - 26th Mar 2012

Digital - 30th Apr 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Tuccillo & Willie Graff Link

Freerange Records


Eivissa-based DJ’s/producers Tuccillo & Willie Graff have collaborated once again after a string of successful EPs - and their latest three-track offering, the soul-reviving Phonomontage, comes courtesy of one of the world's most defined house labels, Freerange Records.
A combination of Disco, House, Soul and a dash of the 'Old Skool' separates the fist pumper from the rolling groover. And this EP is most certainly going to appeal more to the latter with its beautifully crafted tracks taking you on a musical sojourn through Disco-incorporated House music.


Set Me Free – The first track on the EP sets the atmosphere perfectly. Dropping the bpm to 117 and kicking things off with a looped filtered sample draws the listener in long before the track flourishes into its full groove. The claps in the track revive the sound of the 70s & 80s perfectly. With plenty of reverb added, they funk their way alongside a meaty bassline, creating a heavy, chugging, down-tempo track that is going give off that good feeling in any venue.


Get It On – It's that time of the evening. Hands are in the air and the dancefloor is in full swing. So dig deep into the record bag and pull out this peaktime stomper! After the more laidback experience of Set Me Free, Tuccillo & Willie Graff do what they do best and up the bpm to a rolling 124 pace. All of a sudden, you find yourself immersed in an exhilirating track that is destined to become a Deep House showstopper!


Lunar Feelings – Easily the standout track on the EP combining the finest musical elements of the first two tracks rolled into another soul-filled, down-tempo, Deep House vibe! Dancing bongos, off-beat key stabs and sexy female vocals all conspire to create a heart-warming track that finishes off the EP in style.


Forthcoming on Freerange Records, the Phonomontage EP is a showcase of Disco House at its peak. An EP compatible with any atmosphere or setting, Tuccillo & Willie Graff have created a smooth EP that is sure to be a hit for the soulful Deep House loving community. 


Reviewed by Harry Matisse

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