Norm Talley | Travlin EP

Tracks A1. Norm Talley - ION - Original Mix

B1. Norm Talley - Travlin - Original Mix


B2. Norm Talley - Analog Dreams - Original Mix

Genre Deep Detroit House




Cat No.


Release Date

Vinyl - 28th May 2012

Mastered By

Geoff Pesche @

Abbey Road Studios


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Landed Records




Landed Records welcome one of the originators and true players of the Detroit House music scene, Norm Talley. To their ever growing stable.

Known as the 'Silent Warrior Of The Deep', Norm Talley is undoubtedly one of Detroit's best-loved artists. One of the original members of the West 6 Mile Detroit crew, which was born out of the last days of Disco, Norm's 25-plus year career has built steadily to earn him his well-deserved ranking as one of the world's most respected DJs.


An artist who concentrates on releasing quality not quantity, Norm’s roots remain firmly embedded in Soul, Funk and Disco - hence the raw, deep and soulful House music he produces.

This release, as with all his releases, is written and produced through Norm's fully analogue set-up. NO computers, NO digital limiters, No gimmicks. Just pure, warm, deep Detroit goodness. And, as the perfect compliment, the EP has been mastered by Geoff Pesche of London's legendary Abbey Road Studios using the EMI TG analogue system. The result is indeed a rarity these days - a quality EP fully produced and mastered through an analogue process.

A1: ION - Original Mix: Norm kick-starts the EP with a really Deep and jazzy Detroit number. This is a track guaranteed to instantly engage with the crowd and warm up a party beautifully. Raw tight drums, deep jazzy keys and subtle drops throughout keep this track fluid and rolling. What more can I say, this is Deep, late-night House music at its finest.

B1: Travlin - Original Mix: Picking up the pace from A1, Norm shows us just why he earned his moniker, 'Silent Warrior Of The Deep'. Mixing his trademark 909 drum vibe with deep, stirring pads, you know you're in for a treat straight from the off. The track then builds elegantly with a captivating reversed sax refrain that takes you on a magical journey through the deep groove. A true Norm Talley classic!

B2: Analog Dreams - Original Mix: First made over ten years ago, Analog Dreams has been a hidden gem for a long time now. So we were over the moon when Norm finally agreed to release this Detroit House classic with us on 12" so we could unleash it to the masses. Proper fun-filled House music from back in the day!

This stand-out EP mixes a delicious slice of past and present, and is a rare record not to be missed. Play it loud!


Words by: Jon Reynolds

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