No.19 Music| WMC Spring Sampler 2012

Tracks A1. Jonny White & Nitin - La Cueva

  A2. Clockwork (CW) - Things You Have

B1. Kenny Glasgow - The Pretender


B2. Sect - HTAD (Jozif Remix)


Genre Deep House



Vinyl & Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

27th March 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Various Artists


No.19 Music


WMC 2012 has come and gone, but thankfully if you were not fortunate enough to go - and let’s face it, if you didn’t, you’re in the majority - there are certainly plenty of WMC-related releases to get your teeth into.


One such EP which will undoubtedly receive a high percentage of the dance music fraternity’s attention is No.19's album sampler. As with all well-oiled labels, No.19 has timed its release perfectly to coincide with this fantastic pre-summer event.


Over the past 2 years, Jonny White’s No.19 has released some of House music’s finest work with a fair share of involvement from the biggest and most hotly anticipated producers and music makers in the business.


The EP brings together a strong mix of styles across the House spectrum, with tracks to suit the dance floor as well as a few deeper cuts to satisfy less intense moods and atmospheres. But such is No.19’s growth over the last few years that the diverse nature of this EP is no surprise.

Tracks such as ‘HTAD’ (Sect – Jozif remix), ‘Watching Ourselves’ (Audiofly, Robiie & Muan), ‘The Problem With Numbers’ (Alex Jones), ‘Stalker’ (Balcazar & Sordo) all cater for the deeper tastes, with ‘Heat’ (Droog & Inxec) really taking things to an intricately weird level with an off-kilter beat/percussion structure against synth work that can only have been achieved after a large lack of sleep. Creatively it’s luscious, but suiting the average set it will not. However this definitely adds to the charm.


Another highlight of this sampler is Teeloo’s ‘Whats Inside’. From the get-go, you’re faced with a less than typical House drum arrangement and electro-tinged bass synth, painting an incredibly stripped back picture, which is almost Timbaland-inspired. However, once it’s swinging, the vibe is unquestionably cool. Further joy comes in the form of an eery vocal, which is surprisingly a sample from 'I Was Made For Lovin’ You' by 70s glam rock band Kiss. And what a treat it is. Not only is it an intelligent use of such a sample, but of course a sign of true skill and creative freedom.


On the flip side, the EP does include plenty of upbeat and grooving House that’ll certainly find it’s way into DJ’s charts and live sets aplenty. There are decent grooves throughout, with the likes of Jonny White, Nitin, James Teej, Kenny Glasgow, Clockwork, Clayton Steele and Balcazar & Sordo that definitely does their respective reputations no harm whatsoever. Pay particular attention to Jonny White & Nitin’s collaboration, La Cueva, which is an opening track that certainly sets the bar high.


For me personally though, the standout track comes from Tony Smart & Terrance Kissner – Falling From Grace; a dark and deep affair that grooves low and really creates an atmosphere for just short of seven minutes. A sulky and almost chant-like vocal cements the mood here with, insisting: ‘There’s only one God’. A bass line that’s persistent from the start keeps the energy flowing and the high, ethereal synth-work do the rest to lift the track and tease the ears.


This is a strong selection of work from the label. It contains something for most, but is a tad shy of catering for everyone, which most will see as a plus. The mixture of track energies is key and this is strengthened further with the high quality production you can hear from each artist/collaboration. All in all, a great showcase.


Words by: Leon Clarkson

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