MLIU 014 - Various Artists

Tracks A1. Inner Sence - MoTP

A2. Seven Grand Housing Authority - Jessica (It Feels Alright) (The Disciples Of Jovan Blade Mix)

  B1. The Groove Victim – GSP Groove (The Demo Cut)
  B2. Zare - 1995
Genre House




Cat No.


Release Date

January 2013

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


My Love Is Underground



On Saturday 12th of January, I attended the My Love Is Underground showcase at Corsica presented by tief.   I was there to pick up the latest issue from MLIU, and to hear the great vibes created by the highly anticipated line-up. Any negative energy had been left outside, and it was pumping from start to finish with that ever so recognised old skool sound synonymous with Jeremy’s label.  Jeremy Underground Paris, Brawther, Inner Sence, Hessletime and Tristan Da Cunha all played their part to create a party I’m not about to forget anytime soon.



Inspired by the event, I was looking forward to giving the fresh EP a spin for myself.  Four timeless tracks, produce by various artists who are really making an impression at the moment. The EP boasts house music at its finest. Soul, energy, sampling, pianos, vocal stabs and synths, its all right here, presenting classic house music that will not disappoint, no matter where you are.


Since it’s beginning, My Love Is Underground has successfully taken shape as a brand, becoming a front runner within the vinyl industry. A job well done from all involved and I certainly look forward to hearing more good vibes in the future!


Reviewed By - Harry Matisse

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