Moon Harbour InHouse Vol 4| The Next Level (Mixed By Dan Drastic)

Tracks 1. Andy Catana - Zebroid

2. Boris Werner - In The Streets


3. Guido Schneider - Luna


4. tINI & Marc Antona - Forked

  5. Ekkohaus - Entering

6. Matthias Tanzmann - Konoa


7. Blind Minded - No Drums At All


8. Martinez - Squid Squad

  9. Dan Drastic - Freaks & Geeks

10. Reboot - Bucaboca


11. Italoboyz - Joy feat. Fadila


12. Luna City Express - Ultimo

Genre Deep House




Cat No.


Release Date

6th June 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Dan Drastic Link

Moon Harbour



Dan Drastic has been linked to Moon Harbour since his 2008 release, Slice Of Life. As a DJ with extensive knowledge of the label and its smooth Tech output, he seemed the perfect man for the job when it came to mixing their fourth InHouse compilation.


The lengthy mix features 12 tracks spanning a vast array of sounds and sub-genres in the House category, all expertly mixed by Drastic, which effortlessly take us through a myriad of soundscapes driven by chunky, four-to-the-floor kicks.


The mix starts with Andy Catana’s Zebroid, a worthy opener for any compilation with its heavy bassline setting the pace for what threatens to be one hell of a mix CD. After setting the scene, Drastic leads us on with the echoing background effects and Horror-esque melodies of Boris Werner’s In The Streets.Guido Schneider’s efforts at Deep House are noted in the third track, Luna. However, it merely acts as an interim track before Forked, tINI & Marc Antona’s headache-inducing Tech House. Too repetitive to hold any mode of groove or class, it stops what so far feels like a carefully thought-out narrative. However, after skipping forward, we are hit with Ekkohaus’ Entering – a track which happily brings the mix back into perspective with its deep, enveloping pads and bubbly ether.


Drastic’s selections for this mix are testament to the German’s experience in the genre. He rockets from the deep to the sky-high sounds of Mathias Tanzmann’s Konoa – a track which is pure dance-floor gold and Tech House at it’s finest. The vast dynamic range in the bassline makes for interesting and ever progressing listening while the choppy effects in the background add even more clout to an already thumping track. One can only imagine how much tastier this track will sound on wax and is undoubtedly one of the strongest on the sampler!


Once Drastic has our attention, he mixes in the ironically titled No Drums At All, a fluid percussive track guaranteed to revive any dying dance floor. A welcome change in the mix, it incorporates a real tribal feel thanks to the natural sounding percussion and ‘Chickaka’ chanting, reminiscent of the last Ace Ventura - Pet Detective film. Underlying the groovy drums, this track has a totally organic semblance - bird song and other outside sounds add interesting depth to create a wonderful 3D soundscape, which would sit perfectly in any outdoor set. Perfect timing for those Sonar parties!


Ever the modest producer, Drastic only selects one of his own. Freaks & Geeks is a chunky roller with plenty of swing, a great tool for picking up those tired dancing feet. However, the use of a seemingly pointless and somewhat juvenile spoken word sample contradicts the quality of the track surrounding it. A dub of this would be very popular.


Reeboot’s track Bucaboca illustrates quite perfectly how he’s come to release on nearly every one of the world’s main House labels. Arguably, the track of the compilation, this is a crowd-screaming, fist-in-the-air kind of affair with just the right amount of funk and stomp. A real game-changer of a track, it picks up the pace and uplifts the timbre of the mix beautifully.


Overall, the compilation is a great excursion into the tapestry of talented artists that make up the Moon Harbour roster. Mixed expertly by Dan Drastic throughout, there are a few bum notes in there (Luna City’s Ultimo, tINI & Marc Antona’s Forked, Martinez’ Squid Squad) but they are more than overwhelmed by the quality and craftsmanship of the key tracks – Konoa, No Drums At All and the top pick, Bucaboca. It’s a real shame that the vinyl sampler doesn’t include the last two as it would make a very potent purchase for any Tech House wax head, and you can’t help but think they’ve missed a trick here. Are all Tech House DJs on CDs these days?


Mixed CD – 7.5/10
Sampler – 6/10


Words by Lou Franklin

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