Christopher Rau | Marbled World

Tracks A1. Christopher Rau - Marbled World - Original Mix

A2. Christopher Rau - Loot - Original Mix


B1. Christopher Rau - New Stuff (Lerosa rebuff)

  B2. Christopher Rau - New Stuff - Original Mix
Genre Deep House



Vinyl (ONLY)

Cat No.


Release Date

Vinyl - September 2012

Mastered By

We will find out


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Never Learnt




After a string of successful releases on high acclaimed labels such as Pampa and Smallville, Hamburg’s Christopher Rau delivers a big 3 track house EP for Neverlearnt’s third release, with a strong remix from Lerosa.


The title track, “Marbled” world, starts with a strong, solid kick drum and bass groove, slowly being accompanied by delicate string and pad patterns that really show off Christopher’s attention to the finer aspects of music. In roll tight hat formations and a clean, crisp clap followed by further adaptions to the string melodies. In blend some lower guitar loops, this deep driving record has some irresistible references to classic disco but keeping the overall structure of a classic house record. Beautiful stuff.


“Loot” gets off the mark with a bit more of a forward direction, the kick drum and big open hats being very prominent in the track from the start. A big strong bass line cuts through the record, playing with the big resonant chords that seem to follow the bass around the track. Futuristic synth stabs come in and out giving the song a trippy edge, bass and drums cut out and leave the hats to do the work as the chords slowly come back in, and back in with the low end to give this track a lovely finish. Great work.


The last original track on the EP, “New Stuff” keeps some of the vibe from the other 2 tracks, bouncy bass line, delicate melodies and a lot of groove, but incorporating a more down tempo, mellow attitude. A very fitting addition to this EP, providing the listener with a different approach of Christopher’s music, but still with his very clear style. Absolutely perfect for after parties and down tempo mixes!


The remix of “New Stuff” comes from Rome’s Lerosa (also known as “Dublin”). Lerosa cleverly takes parts of this record and pushes them forward a little more, the bass being tougher and more acid, the hats being tighter and harder. In come rolling snares and big spacey pads, giving a more techno approach to the deeper original mix - very clever remix.


Overall and fantastic EP really showing off Christopher Rau’s exceptional and eclectic skills as a producer, giving reference to classic house, disco and a little acid influence too. Capped off with a tight remix, this EP doesn’t leave much to be desired by the listener.



John Paul Scott

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