Milton Jackson - Lessons Learned EP

Tracks 1. See The Light

2. 5 Cities

  3. 5 Cities (Andy Ash Remix)
Genre Deep House



Vinyl / Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

3rd December 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Milton Jackson Link

Black Key Records



Milton Jackson, the renowned Scottish House producer with an endless string of releases on top labels such as Freerange, Tsuba, Suara, Soma and many more showcases 2 no frills, trucking originals on Brighton based, Black Key Records with a sweet, sweet remix from Liverpudlian, Andy Ash.

See The Light kicks things off. A low-slung , pad swollen House track comprising of soft and airy keys that float delicately throughout the 5mins56secs and bold, thick kicks that conjoin with the timid yet heavy rumbling bass-line. The low-end roll’s along from the get go whilst a simple combination of off-hats, 16th percs and close mixed claps provide the straight 4x4 setting. It’s a track which reveals all in the first 2minutes, allowing a gentle breather at 1min20secs to emphasise the high-line, 3-chord pad progression and vocal loop, “Lord I’m heading to the light”, before, naturally, it drops back in to the mix with aplomb. Perfectly suited to the darkest dance floors and a great track for the midnight zoned out partyers.


Much like the first, 5 Cities pounds from the outset. A touch smoother by way of the 4-chord progression laying the foundations for beautiful, detroit’y pad work and spacious, almost brushed snare-like hat, over the top. Milton uses the same formula as before, easing you in to the aural scene with a break just after the minute. Subtle low-mid, most probably filtered, stabs search their way through the mix before opening up completely for them to bounce generously over the thickset bass rumblings. Additional tamb-shakes compliment the mix and counterbalance the rhythm through the track. It’s a tale of minimal elements and well-arranged parts focusing on subtle transitions and utilizing simple filters and soft vocal stabs to keep mix fresh.  Real cool House music with deep surroundings that makes for a very decent b-side.


Andy Ash’s take on 5 Cities takes things even harder, with a beast of a kick right from the start. Open off-hat, counterweight sub bass, claps and very subtle tones all set the uplifted tempo within the first minute. However, Andy continues with the previous flavours and makes full use of the low-mid stabs and releasing the hinges on the bass in sections that make for an almost dub version, but more importantly elevate it so the aforementioned parts combine beautifully to chug out an infectious melodic bass progression. Vocal parts are sparingly placed to tunefully fill space, but it’s a perfect use for them creating reference within the phrase. Great remix.


This is a no-frills EP from Milton Jackson. It’s strict in its form and well delivered with nothing out of the ordinary taking place. But, that’s where the goodness lies. It’s a certifiable, in the bag EP, with an overall sound that befits many a situation. It’s not faddy or fashionable, but it’s great because of just that. House aficionados take note!


Reviewed By - Leon Clarkson

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