Kastil | Keep It Simple EP

Tracks 1. Kastil - Keep It Simple - Original Mix

2. Kastil - Deep Dialogue - Original Mix


3. Kastil - Back To The Lab - Original Mix


4. Kastil - Back To The Lab (Shades Vinyl Only Mix)

Genre Deep House




Cat No.


Release Date

Vinyl - 22th May 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


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Seven Music



Keep It Simple EP is the 16th release on Seven Music from the exciting Spanish native, Mario Castillo aka Kastil. It’s a joyous blend of stripped-back House, and grooving bass lines, coated in a selection of modest but infectious synth lines. Clearly a producer with an eye in the past but a vision for the future, Kastil bravely strides forward with three House gems that will see them utilized in DJ sets across the spectrum of House sub-genres.


Title track, Keep It Simple, jacks from the start. Classic stabs and slow attacking pads call and respond above the thoroughly jackin’ drum/percussion arrangement. Despite the minimal percussive content, such is the calibre of the production that it still provides a grooving foundation. Funky as f**k and so very danceable.


Back To The Lab continues in the same vein as the lead offering. Scuttling snares and hats keep the vibe bouncing, but the overall feeling is softer and more spacious. Nice progressing pads, stabs and a well-rounded bassline meld together to produce an altogether more relaxed track. An intricate dialogue-vocal appears in stages and, though hard to follow, does sit well within in the track, providing another aural catchment. Meanwhile, midway, a midi-style trumpet riff helps the groove develop into a more danceable and catchy fashion.


The Shades remix of Back To The Lab offers a small yet significant alternative - a deeper version of the original with pitched-down synth stabs and a filtered bassline.


Deep Dialogue is immediately contrasting to the previous tracks. The slower hat arrangement talks well over a slower bpm, but the addition of some cool congo percussion adds a speedier rhythm to lift the track. Pads from the start keep things in a relaxing lull.  Perfect as both warm-up and lounge-down material.


This ‘original House’ EP will certainly do no harm to the reputations of both Kastil and Seven Music. Raw, modest and groovy, the infectious hooklines and sheer simplicity of the tracks are nothing short of irresistible – and the EP will inevitably find its way into many a dance music collector’s record bag.


Words by: Leon Clarkson

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