Andrade - Inconditional EP

Tracks 1. Housed

2. Inconditional

  3. The Dragon Shot
  4. Deep Impact
Genre House



Vinyl / Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

Vinyl - 12th November 2012

Digital - 26th November 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Andrade Link

Hudd Traxx



Record Labels which are committed to vinyl releases before going digital are starting to become highly fashionable throughout Europe. However some have been doing it for years, and it comes as no surprise to see Manchester (U.K) based 'Hudd Traxx' are once again supporting wax with its latest release. This British record label has a strong commitment to underground house and techno, and its pleasing to see names such as DJ Sneak, Iron Curtis and Sacha Dive featuring on this imprint.


French Producer Andrade has always been one to push the genre boundaries with house music. His latest press, 'Inconditional', tells a story via jazz infused house, Detroit filled percussion, and a raw, soulful edge, which has created an E.P permeating with funk and groove.


The E.P begins with the Detroit sounding 'Housed'. With is punchy, bouncy kick drums, and echoing glockenspiel, give this song an organic feel. This tune is uplifting, and there is nothing too harsh, as the song progresses primarily through vocal cut ups, high pass filters and subtle background strings. The subtlety of 'Housed' makes this the perfect tune to begin this E.P.


Inconditional, the E.P titled tune is an edgy, jazz infused house number which incorporates percussive elements of jazz, and joins together with house to create what can only be described as a funk, urban styled cut classic. The huge kick drums dominate the piece, with brass sections and sax creating an interesting layering effect, coupled with spoken word helps the song build up and release. Andrade proves again that he can nail all different sub genres of house, on the one E.P.


Again, the E.P takes another turn, with the down tempo 'Dragon Shot'. It continues in the darker direction in which 'Inconditional' was headed, and once again uses jazz influenced percussion lines to create its groove, without it being particularly overpowering. There is also heavy 909 sampling, particularly with the claps and snares which helps the song progress through its swirling background noise. The vocal cut up eerily sounds like Moodyman, which helps take this down tempo tune, to the next level.


Finally, the 'Inconditional' E.P finishes with the driving 'Deep Impact'. This goes to completely different house territory once again, this falling into shuffling chuggy deep house land. Its beautiful arping chords, and grooving basslines create a fantastic progression and a genius way, to finish one of the most well thought out E.P's of 2012.


Reviewed By - Samuel Devitt

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