Tuccillo - House 19

Tracks 1. House 19 - Original Mix

2. Eves Sky - Original Mix


3. Dubao - Original Mix (Digital Only)


4. Percussholic - Original Mix (Vinyl Only)

Genre Deep House



10" Vinyl/Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

23rd July 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


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Holic Trax come back with their hotly awaited second EP, this time from Italian producer, Tuccillo. He joins Holic Trax with four originals that on first listen, will only add to the impact the scene felt when Holix dropped their debut by Mr.G earlier this year.


Tuccillo, a Spanish native, has had a fine string of releases in a steadily progressive 4/5 years of production output, releasing on 20/20 Vision, Apparel Music, Drumpoet Community, Freerange, and Circus Company to name a few.  This four track showcases a poised confidence from start to finish with a varience in sound that should make many a producer, from bedroom through to top studios, sit up and take note. There’s a distinct lack of faddy, ‘scene’ bass or synth favourites here. It’s a quality blend of righteous, old skool grooves and modern, forward thinking production with no let up in energy or neglect for the needs of the dance floor. Let’s get tucked in, shall we!


House 19 leads the way as the EP title track. Bold off-hats and shattered claps fill the mix from the start paving the way for the unadulterated funk-fuelled slap of a synth bass that drops around 1m04s, a precursor for the attention seeking lead-synth. Utter old skool stab and delay, played as a 5-note progression, lays over the unrelenting clap and hat arrangement, which for the most part takes turns from the bass to play identical rhythm patterns, but occasionally combines to lead a phrase with the bass-line. A sumptuous title-track that sets the tone in almighty fashion for this EP.


Eves Sky takes things a little deeper. From the outset it’s all about the low end. Lower pitched percussion and hi hats scuttle around in languid rhythm, almost as if they’re about to fall off the mix somehow. A real teaser of a track that uses a subtle-spoken vocal in the back of the mix that adds to the growing mystery of the story being told. Well-worked high-pitched Tabla/Congo percussion adds to the texture here well and helps conduct the track too. For a jam-packed drum arrangement it works well, like an aural cobweb, perfectly maintaining the furtive and dark, yet utterly attractive quality. Ironically the breakdown screams Tori Amos’, Professional Widow (Armand mix) too. A great track for the darker and deeper heads out there but with nicely textured production additions that are to be expected from the likes of Tuccillo. I cannot wait to here this on a few big systems this summer. Perfect midnight vibes!


Dubao enters my head cans like no other track on the EP. It’s a kick, snare, hat and percussive arrangement that combine and deliver a prototype to a 2-step/Techno lovechild. Broken beat foundations are served up fittingly with a bit-crushed, mid-to-high-frequency synth, layered together and orchestrated as if in the middle of a cumulus cloud that formed from Mother Nature’s own, hand-rolled zoot! It’s as demanding as it is bouncy, yet melds this balance perfectly. As eclectic as the track is the arrangement and low-thumping kick and bass are infectious, serving to keep this rolling along so well. It’s clearly not going to be for everyone’s taste but it’s a weird and wonderful gem that’s deep enough for me.


PercussHolic is a meandering 7m23s of spacious, driving house. Scuttling hats and claps blend to form a percussive sheath above a smoothly rolling bass line. Additional, stuttering bass plays either side of the smoother b-line and some prominent drum hits, with effects, are applied to increase the overall texture though the mix. Much more relaxed work here from Tuccillo and a nice break from the other three originals. It’ll suit those early morning/sunrise sets a treat and has the required guile to make this a quality track also.


Overall, this is an EP that seriously excites. I expect it to do the same throughout the scene too as it delivers a number of crucial things. It challenges me yet at the same time caters for some narrow-minded expectation I had waiting in the conservatory of my mind. It’s as fun as it is dark and troubling. And finally, it provides a mix of tracks that are as much paying homage to the origins of house as they are joining in with what’s currently hot, yet I haven’t found myself disappointed by said ‘joining in’.


Tuccillo impresses me with his variation and consistency in quality throughout the EP, whilst the guys at Holic, who put on some of the best House nights in London, appear to be attempting the same relative level of quality in their releases. I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for future EPs, and after this from Tuccillo, you’d be completely nuts not to either.


Words By: Leon Clarkson

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