Chris Carrier - Love Bug EP

Tracks 1. Love Bug

2. Love Bug (Kate Simko Remix)


3. Love Bug (T2 dub) (Vinyl Only)


4. Au Troquet Du Coin (Digital Only)

Genre Deep House



10" Vinyl/Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

1st October 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


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Love Bug: Talk about value for money. This grooves from the off and doesn’t let up for the entire 6min33secs. Typical of Carrier really, who always brings something incredibly upfront to the table. Here he delivers a pumping deep house cut of the finest quality. Stripped back to the bare essentials, but as always, with production values that leave it oozing a level of quality as though it had triple the elements going on. The low end is thick but pinched in all the right areas, whereas the high end is assertive and complimentary. Percussive elements are in the form of some nicely sampled mid range toms – although I feel they may not be toms, just well sourced sampled sounds used to achieve the desired effect. The overall result is a driving, yet grooving piece of house, something, which isn’t the easiest thing to achieve as many producers just lean to one or the other. This crosses both sides of the line and with absolute perfection. I’m in love, although not with a bug!


Love Bug (Kate Simko): Kate Simko slows matters down and it’s immediately apparent we’re going to be treated to a beautiful deep rolling version of the original. Spacious and delicate in all the right places, the Simko remix introduces some additional stabs and highly effected, but sparingly used vocal stabs. It’s perfect for the space she’s manipulating and certainly takes this whole affair down a notch in feel and energy, but absolutely not in terms of desired effect. This is perfect early morning/after-hours business. The delectable talents of Miss Simko allow for a more moveable mix and this is seen when the track drops down and out at 1min50secs – filets, reverb and high-line added - before dropping us back in at 2min20secs. Shakers do the high-end work, which add simply, yet effectively, to the slower, more tripped out vibe that’s been created. Top work and a genuine compliment to that of the original mix.


Love Bug (T2 Dub): This is the Tomoki edit, which is only available on the vinyl release and shorter by a minute. Additional organ keys ride over mix at points, and the arrangement is set just that bit different, but expect the same intensity and straight up dance floor drive!


Au Troquet Du Coin: This is… Proper!... Okay, so that comment is a touch sweeping, but that phrase pretty much equates to the same self-assured, pounding and concise feel that Au Troquet Du Coin delivers here. This is 5mins28secs of minimal (not the genre) techno music where the low ends tears a new one in the floor, the highs ensure you’re kept safe from falling, in to that said hole, just like puppets. And the middle is where you come in…. All you sweaty, house and techno loving folk are just there to suck it up and unashamedly produce your rhythmical response. It’s not polite, it’s not groovy and it doesn’t discuss snapback designs with foot shufflers. It’s fine, organic and breathy Beats, Bass, Hats and Percs, stripped to the basics and allowed to breath, create strict rhythm and work hard to square things up. Record box gold dust for the techno focused amongst you.


A thoroughly impressive EP from Mr Carrier, with great work from Kate Simko on the remix too. Holic Trax have bagged yet another top release and see’s them going from strength to strength. I haven’t had a bad word to say about any of their releases so far and I feel compelled to implore you all to take note and check this out when hits the shops. Lovely stuff!


Words By Leon Clarkson

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