Den Ishu| High U Gonna Feel EP

Tracks 1 . High U Gonna Feel
  2 . High U Gonna Feel (Avatism Remix)
  3 . Your Experience
  4 . Say The Word
Genre Deep House



Vinyl / Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

March 14th 2012


Den Ishu


Following releases on Desolat, Area Remote & Soulfooled to name but a few, German technician Den Ishu hits us with another EP released under the highly acclaimed Supernature label -and it truly represents Deep House music at its finest.

Den Ishu is fast making a name for himself worldwide with each EP he produces and the High U Gonna Feel EP is just going to spread the word even further! The release also features a dark interpretation from Italian DJ/producer Avatism which contributes nicely to the moody, mysterious tone of the whole EP.

Den Ishu kicks off with his re-edit of the timeless classic Roy Ayers – Chicago, beefing it up with his own drum patterns, looped vocals and filtered down breakdowns whilst still retaining the soulful groove of original track. Den Ishu is often respected for his more techy/main room trademark sound but here he really shows his versatility as a producer and creates a slow-paced groove that's sure to create warmth and good vibes at any venue. Wherever you are, at a club, in a bar, on the beach or just casual listening at home, High U Gonna Feel is just the sort of quality, low-slung track you're going to want to listen to.

Avatism strips back the original track completely for his compelling and highly intricate, doom-laced remix. Rim shots with plenty of reverb are incorporated to enhance the haunting mood while the main track feature is an extract of the piano used in Chicago - something Den Ishu doesn't include in the original mix. But, for me, this is what remixing is all about - having the ability to create something which is truly unique and completely representative of you as a producer whilst, at the same time, still retaining the essence and concept of the original track. And Avatism does this perfectly!

Den Ishu's second track Your Experience separates itself from the first two tracks with a beautifully programmed bassline that grooves either side of a cleverly delayed, hypnotic vocal. Den Ishu adds warmth with cuddly synth pads which embrace the track and create a layer of euphoria to round off the track nicely.

The final track, Say The Word closes the EP in true Den Ishu style. Upping the bpm ever so slightly, Den achieves a far more main room vibe. A combination of clap patterns with plenty of reverb groove their way throughout but the most striking feature is the wobbling synth string incorporated within each breakdown. Add in a sexy vocal and you've got a track that will climax a dancefloor at any time!

Great work from the Supernature camp…


Reviewed by - Harry Matisse

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