Craig McWhinney | Heavy Stemmed EP

Tracks A1. Heavy Stemmed
  A2. Flow

B1. Heavy Stemmed - Weekend Express Remix

B2. Heavy Stemmed - Mic Newman Remix

Genre Disco House



12 " Vinyl

Cat No.


Release Date

7th May 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Craig McWhinney Link

Melbourne Deepcast



Craig McWhinney is a name that may not resonate with many in the UK. In Melbourne, however, things are a little different as he’s a name synonymous with a strong and varied Techno scene. He’s one of the founding members of Haul Records, a Melbourne-based label catering for lovers of quality electronic House and Techno.


This release sees McWhinney unite with Melbourne Deepcast Records, a blog website/label containing a podcast series that covers a gamut of worldwide electronic musical talent. Heavy Stemmed is the label’s third offering and comes with remixes from Mic Newman and Weekend Express.


The production on Heavy Stemmed (Original Mix) owes much to Techno, with layers of mid-range percussive elements working against a broken beat kick that thumps attentively from the start. It’s a rough and repetitive hat/percussive arrangement that’s the driving force for the tone of this track. Sampled stabs and pad work provide the simple but dynamically contrasting melodic component. This is a colossal opening track, showcasing a highly charged slice of modern Deep Techno.


Following on from the EP title track is Flow - a far smoother offering which nevertheless upholds the raw percussive elements with some static-tinged effects. This track is all about the luscious, rumbling chord-pad that embraces the track throughout – and which, set against the chunking, almost bruising sound, makes for a nice versatile slice of driving, bass-heavy Deep House/Techno.


Weekend Express delivers the first remix of Heavy Stemmed with rough-edged percussion and softer kick works to reset the vibe and notch the bassline up a gear. A lighter, groovier version of the original, this will suit summer to a tee. A great switch of energies from Weekend Express!


Mic Newman steps up to the plate for the second remix of Heavy Stemmed. Slowing the track by at least 3bpm and creating a 4x4 feel in the hat and percussion, Newman immediately settles us into his groove, creating an altogether Deeper affair which, I suspect, will chart nicely. As with much of his recent material, the track moves really well and has on-point production and vibe.


This superb EP takes you on a sonically dynamic journey across a wide spectrum of genres including Techno, Dub, Garage and traditional House. For those ‘in the know’, it will come as little surprise that such a brave sound is emerging out of Australia’s/Melbourne’s electronic dance scene. Music lovers unite. Crank it up!


Words By: Leon Clarkson

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