Sir Vinyl Instinct - Growing History

Tracks 1. Sir Vinyl Instinct - Growing History

2. Sir Vinyl Instinct - Growing History (Moodymanc's Dark Past Mix)


3. Sir Vinyl Instinct - Growing History (Moodymanc's Happy Memories Mix)

Genre Deep House




Cat No.


Release Date

25th June 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


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Itchy Pig



Itchy Pig Records is an accomplished Sheffield based record label with an already growing discography that any record label would be proud of. Officially formed in 2011, it has since cemented itself at the forefront of electronic music. With an ambition to celebrate upcoming talent and give a platform to artists such as Matthew Kyle, Rubberlips, Roof Light and Ponty Mython, to name just a few, talisman Sir Vinyl Instict continues to spread light within the house music scene with the release of Growing History.

Teaming up with the renowned Moodymanc, Sir Vinyl Instict has put together three tracks that showcase true deep house music. There's certainly room for debate regarding how deep house has evolved in recent years, having branched off in more directions than any other sub-genre. No wonder it's difficult for the average listener to specify what deep house is all about and where it all began. Growing History identifies deep house music in its purist form, and puts the deep back into house music. This an educational EP for musically minded people on how it should be done.

Successfully fulfilling a steady chilled out vibe throughout the EP, it's clear that these two artists' visions was to achieve the utmost in quality production and sound. Warm synth pads float behind each track on the EP, comforting the listener and encouraging the clean cut percussion to the foreground of all three tracks. Moodymanc illustrates his love for percussion in each of his remixes. Flawless drums, hi hats and congas are arranged perfectly around each of his tracks, achieving once again, another Moodymanc gem to add to his ever-growing discography.

Itchy Pig Records certainly push the boundaries of sound and even more so with the Growing History release. Grab your copy while stocks last and be taken on a truly educational journey through deep house music.


Reviewed By - Harry Matisse

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