UnoMas (MIA) - Got To Be Funky EP

Tracks 1. Got To Be Funky

2. Got To Be Funky (Luna City Express Remix)

  3. The Rules
  4. The Rules (Leix & Samu Raw Vision)
  5. The Rules (Lexi & Samu Vision) (Digital Exclusive)
Genre Deep / Tech House



Vinyl / Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

18th December 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


UnoMas (MIA) Link




Norwegian duo Uno Mas step up their game once again to deliver another top notch EP on Samu & Leix’s highly regarded label “Novotek Raw Series”, part of the “Novotek” brand. After several successful releases on labels such as Weplayminimal and Loulou records, us at Hot Plastic were very much looking forward to what they have in store for Novotek.


Titles track “Got to be Funky” delivers one hell of a strong groovy bassline, that throws the record around in the low end. A simple filtered female vocal note in the back ground, tight percussion eqd beautifully with a big dry hat cutting through the mix, this track starts of with undeniable dancability. However, the main hook of this track is surely the big soulful spoken word vocal going through the whole track. With quotes like “God made me funky” and “its time to move on; groove on; before you lose on!”, this track is ice cool.


The remix for this record was given to the trustworthy minds of Luna City Express. After their successes with Matthias Tanzman’s label “Moonharbour” we are all aware of the talent of this duo. As you would expect, they deliver on all accounts, a beautiful organ melody, with cooler and warms chords sitting on top of each other, topped off with that original vocal, clever break downs and tight percussion, this remix is an absolute winner!


2nd track – “The Rules” follows a similar formula as the 1st track, a big groovy bass line, this one a bit more driving and low, and a big soulful vocal – this time female. “Who made up the rules?” is what the vocal repeats, with a certain Scandinavian sweetness and coolness.  Big high sweeps build up and the drums go down, percussion disappears and back with the kick drums and that big vocal, there’s no way this wouldn’t get a dance floor pumping!


Novotek label bosses Samu & Leix deliver 2 remixes for this “The Rules”, one named “Vision mix” and one “Raw Vision mix”. The “Vision Mix” has beautiful movement in the low end, big subby kick drum followed tightly by a tight bass groove, with a lovely deep organ tone over the top giving a slight 90s vibe. Tight stuff! The female vocal works so well with this remix, this is defiantly 3am material! Dark and sexy!


The other remix, “Raw Vision Mix” brings home the goods on all fronts with a heavy, heavy kick drum and bass groove and the vocal covering the rest. Subtle lead stabs brighten up the breakdowns, before the big low end kicks back in again. A fat record that truly does the business in a club.


Overall, a fantastic house EP that you can’t go wrong with – all tracks will get a dancefloor moving with their low end grooves and tasty vocals. Title track “Got to be Funky” is the winner for me, and Luna City Express remix. Great stuff, sounds beautiful on plastic.




John Paul Scott

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