Moodymanc | FATHER EP - Remix by Rick Wade

Tracks A1. Father - Moodymanc - Original Mix
  B1. Father - Moodymanc - Rick Wade - Daddy's Disco Mix
  B2. Sugar Hill - Moodymanc - Original Mix
Genre Deep House


LANDED Records


Vinyl / Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

(Vinyl - Nov 2011)
(Digital - Dec 2011)

Mastered By

Geoff Pesche @

Abbey Road Studios


Moodymanc Label


The supremely gifted Mancunian, who has the talent and know-how to truly build a groove, has made Deep and Jazzy House indisputably his home. Releasing hit after hit to a flurry of rave reviews, his status as a highly acclaimed jazz musician and DJ/producer continues to set him apart from the rest.


One of the stalwarts of original Detroit House, Rick's distinctive sound draws on a mix of soul, jazz, funk and disco. But, with a career spanning more than 20 plus years and a reputation as one of the premier House mixshow producers in the world, he really needs no further introduction to house music aficionados. His new album, Never Ending Reflections will be hitting the shops soon - so watch out for it too.

Lastly, staying true to the love of quality sound, Geoff Pesche from the legendary Abbey Road Studios is on the mastering once again.

A1: Father - Original Mix: This late-night, jazzy Deep House number positively exudes a magical vibe. No matter when you play it - warm up, peak time or after hours - this track always works. Moodymanc's bright and tight percussion blends seamlessly with the deep keys and melodic balafon riffs. Perfect subtle drops and fat dub vocals complete the perfect picture. Classic!

B1: Rick Wade - Daddy's Disco Mix: The Detroit legend uses his alchemy here, digging deep into his bag of dirty disco tricks to produce this stand-out, funky, uplifting remix. Combining angry disco drums with trademark funk-filled riffs and tuneful key changes, Wade gets you on your feet with this start-to-finish crowd-pleaser. Another guaranteed classic!

B2: Moodymanc - Sugar Hill - Original Mix: Moodymanc rounds off the EP in style with this smooth and solid, late-night offering. Heavy swung drums, peppered with lush keys, Gospel chants, Sugar Hill vocals and a raw sax solo, combine together to produce jazzy Deep House at its finest.


Words from Jon Reynolds

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