Various Artists | Compiled Pleasures Vol.1

Tracks A1: Oliver Deutschmann – The truth - Original Mix

A2: Markus Suckut - Imide - Original Mix


B1: Tres Puntos - Name - Original Mix

  B2: XDB - Bellsnwaves - Original Mix
Genre Deep Techno



12" Vinyl & Digital

Cat No.

Falkplatz 08

Release Date

Vinyl - 17.09.12

Digital - 01.10.12

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


V/A Link





It feels like Oliver Deutschmann and his Falkplatz imprint have been gently upping their game over the past year with releases that are increasingly engaging. As a producer and A&R his scope seems to have broadened and we're equally as likely to come across spaced-out but raw House grooves as we are more muscular Techno fare.


This aptly-titled four track compilation 12", where Deutschmann is joined by Markus Suckut, Tres Puntos and the XDB, from Falkplatz sums up Deutschmann's current tastes nicely for anyone who may have missed his superb mix compilation, 'Futureworld', released earlier this year.


Following the same tack as on his releases for AIM, Deutschmann's 'The Truth' opens 'Compiled Pleasures Vol. 1' with a wistful slice of drum-machine house that wouldn't sound out of place on Sistrum or Aesthetic Audio. With just a handful of part's the German producer manages to wring emotion out of the track with style and it's difficult not be sucked in by the charm and soul of 'The Truth'.


Markus Suckut's 'Imide' is tougher and more urgent than it's a-side counterpart. Taking cues from Robert Hood minimalism and doing it well isn't a bad thing in these eyes, and Suckut pulls it off well although perhaps lacking some of the invention we see in his other work. Tres Punto's 'Name' and it's slow burning, punctured funk and dragging claps drops the tempo down and provides the sort of track resident DJs cry out for and early crowds like to lose themselves in before the EP closes with it's definite highlight from XDB.


Dolly, Wave, Sistrum and Harbour City Sorrow are just a handful of labels that Kosta Athanassiadis can call home and, if you're aware of those imprints (and you should be) then that should speak volumes about the quality he shows. Always avoiding cliches without straying too far from familiar tropes, XDB perverts House and Techno brilliantly and 'Bellsnwaves' (a title which says it all) sees him in his usual, exemplary form.


Even if you bought this EP for just one of the tracks, it'd be a worthy addition to your collection but with Deutschmann and XDB excelling, it's a must. 



Dave Beamson

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