RJ FLETCHER | Double Down EP

Tracks A1. Double Down - RJ Fletcher - Original Mix
  A2. Double Down - (Rick Wade’s Double Detroit Remix)
  B1. Over Defy - RJ Fletcher - Original Mix
  B2. Lazy Days - RJ Fletcher - Original Mix
Genre Deep Detroit House


Tact Recordings


Vinyl & Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

(Vinyl - 1st Mar 2012)

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


RJ Fletcher Label

Tact Recordings


A debut label release is always going to be important and Manchester-based DJ/Producer, Richard Fletcher treats us to a barn-stormer to boot on the new label TACT RECORDINGS! The EP consists of four tracks including a delightful remix from one of the world’s great pioneers of Deep House, Rick Wade. The whole EP itself is well formed and definitely one for all Deep House lovers who like their groove warm and blissful.

The first track on the EP is ‘Double Down (Original Mix)’, showcasing percussion at its finest. The first thing to capture your attention is the crisp snare and swung hi hats, kickstarting the groove in true Deep House fashion! The track continues with a warm feel, incorporating synth pads that really help to fill out the track into a classic Deep House sound. RJ then doubles up the pads to create a euphoric airy breakdown before returning to its enticing House vibe. As Double Down continues to build, we are introduced into the epic shuffling Hammond riff which rounds off the track perfectly!

Rick Wade does what he does best with his interpretation of Double Down and spices things up with a remix which gives the EP his trademark jazzy/soulful feel. A panning synth pad and a deep rolling bass create that unique Rick Wade sound, not forgetting the occasional tease of the signature Hammond riff throughout the track. Another proud remix from Rick which really adds that extra element to the EP.

Pushing on, the extent of what RJ has achieved quickly becomes clear and we like it! A smooth, deep, synth-fuelled EP that portrays a discerning intake and passion for House music. ‘Over Time’ is the track on the EP guaranteed to get those hands in the air. A slightly techier vibe with vocal stabs, RJ experiments with different effects and percussion throughout the track and shows his versatility as a producer. It works really well and is certainly one to get the main room bouncing with excitement.

Last but not least, the EP closes with my personal favourite ‘Lazy Days’ and the title speaks for itself. Kick back, relax, beverage at the ready and indulge in that chilled, deep musical sensation. A filtered synth pad and low-slung drums build into a breakdown, which includes one of my favoured instruments, the sax. A springy bass combining with the sax riff creates a track which oozes soul and rounds off the release in style.


Reviewed by Harry Matisse

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