DJ Steaw | White Journey EP

Tracks A1. DJ Steaw - I Want - Original Mix

B1. DJ Steaw - Sky Hunt - Original Mix


Digital Bonus - DJ Steaw - Think It Over - Original Mix

Genre Deep House



Vinyl & Digital

Cat No.

LT 013

Release Date

Vinyl - 4th June 2012

Mastered By

We Will Find Out


DJ Steaw Link

Local Talk



Swedish label Local Talk has been pushing some inspiring sounds of late and their latest from France-based DJ Steaw is no exception. The label’s plain and simple branding and vinyl label prints lean towards an old school flavour, much adorned and certainly making a come back over recent months with big chart success from the imprints catalogue.

This three-track EP opens with the solid 4 x 4 beat of I Want, the kick drums reminiscent of the New York house era, and almost instantly we are introduced to a bumping bassline. Garagey organs drift in to follow suit and, although basic in their approach, they emphasise the flavour of the track to follow, perfectly setting the tone and concreting a sunshine happy vibe . This is some serious House music and definitely one for peak-time sets.


However, as upbeat, chunky and irrevocably solid the first track is, the stand-out track on the EP is most definitely Sky Hunt, the second on the release. With its nod to old school, piano-led House and amazing execution, Sky Hunt is indeed a lush piece of music. And although, at times, it borders on cheesy, the uplifting, high-energy piano break down reassures us that it’s a goodie.


The final track and digital bonus is a warm affair with chords flowing melodically throughout and in a pulsing fashion. There is a locked -in rhythm and it’s fresh sounding, yet the track never really grabs you especially and, compared to the previous two tracks, feels a bit Like standard Deep House fodder.


In summary, this is a great EP and perfectly suited to a vinyl release. It echoes the ethos of the label and really trusts itself unto the raw House sound. Uplifting, fun and huge sounding, this is definite winner from the label that is ticking all the boxes right now. Do the right thing and buy it on the black stuff.



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