DJ Sneak - Necessary Evils

Tracks A1. Sneak - Evil Wemen

A2. Sneak - Nobody Better


B1. Sneak - Assault On You (Poundong Mix)


B2. Sneak - Beat Some Sence Into You


Genre Deep House




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Out Now

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Unknown - We will find out!


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The Puerto Rican DJ/producer legend “House GangsterDJ Sneak steps up to the plate yet again on Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich’s highly acclaimed label “Desolat” with a 4 track EP named – Necessary Evils EP. It was surely a matter of time before these House heavy weights started working together, fans of Desolat and Sneak who desire big bass lines, rich grooves and attitude of gangster music will have watering mouths at the sight of this release.

Beat Some Sense Into You –
This no nonsense track has the type of drum combinations that make a club feel like its about explode. Big fat tight bass drums boom through with old school claps firing off just to push the tempo that little bit more. In come floating melodies that are reminsant of past DC-10 mornings, huge female vocals enter the record to push the intensity even more - capped off with big ,throbbing bass lines. This tune is what I would call “Class A DJ Sneak”.


Assault On You –
Again another pounder in the drums department, and any musical “Assault” not achieved by the drums is completed by the massive 4 beat chord combo that takes the listener by the horns and throws them around the room. With interludes of delicate resonant melodies and groove switches, sounds of trucks screaming past, and old House styled rap vocals - another scorcher from the experienced House master.


Nobody Better –
Pumping from the off, “Nobody Better” feels just as much a weapon as the rest of the bombs in the EP. In and out floats a bright guitar riff that gives a “hands in the air”, summery feel to the record – just when that feeling settles it drops out and in drops the drums and bass again to keep the “no frills” attitude continual. An incredibly bouncy and moreish record, with a lot of attitude and intelligence applied.


Evil Wemen –
Beginning with a big resonant bass line that is surely going to shake a few walls in clubs worldwide this year, a beautiful, spacey combo of strings and melody swiftly approach to begin this epic journey. Suddenly in drops new grooves and others disappear, this tune feels like DJ Sneak is flexing his musical muscles. An impressive record with constant movement of different attitudes, influences and origins, you can hear the experience and love for house music in this production. Truly a masterpiece, and a House music journey.


Overall a hugely impressive EP from the original “House Gangster” – but from looking at his illustrious work so far, we expect nothing less. A fantastic release for Desolat, and Sneak still proving why he is top dog. A must buy.



John Paul Scott

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