Djebali | DJEBALI Vol 3 (Vinyl Only)

Tracks A1 Urban Posture
  B1 Sure Shot
Genre House/Deep House


Vinyl Only

Cat No.


Release Date

31st Jan 2012




So here it is, DJEBALI VOL 3 (Vinyl Only), another release from the highly acclaimed French producer. One of a limited series from the Djebali collection, it's mixed by Djebali himself, creating a very personal and intimate feel. You'll have to be quick though as only 300 of these bad boys have been pressed - so it's first come first served with this one.

Djebali's deep warm sound is capturing the attention of many discerning DJs worldwide and this release is certainly one that will make you smile! The use of analogue gears within this two-track EP really caught my attention. Whilst each track has a warm, deep and sexy feel, it's no surprise that Djebali has used what many people may say is an old technique in producing. But who said that old isn't good, if not better?

The tracks on this EP are sure to rock a dance floor at any time and I'll be playing both tracks in my sets for sure. Each track runs at 120 bpm guaranteeing a hypnotic feel which will encourage you to fall into the groove. if your head and feet remain still, you clearly have no soul!

Out of the tracks on the EP, I steer more towards Urban Posture due to its deep vocal-incorporated breakdown and swinging high hats. However, Sure Shot is still doing it with its slightly more edgy jazzy feel and its guitar rift overlapping the euphoric strings and fat bassline.

Djebali is causing quite a stir within the underground scene with every limited edition release he brings out - and, with this one, only you and 299 others will own a copy, making it even more special.

Reviewed by - Harry Matisse
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