True Soul | Destination Unknown

Tracks 1. Destination House
  2. Barbados
  3. Destination House (Tom Ruijgs remix)
Genre House


Black Rose Records



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True Soul


They say London is the party capital right now and, adding credence to this, UES & Alex Magno have joined forces to create True Soul, proving that us Londoners know our stuff. Dutch producer Tom Ruijg's remix completes the EP, giving it second wind to impact a dancefloor! All in all, a perfectly formed EP that really concentrates on the fact that less is more! Something I certainly believe in.

All three tracks add their own element to the EP and each is very special in its own way. As I'm a fan of the 'old skool', it's no surprise that Destination House is my favourite track on this one. I find it can be risky to incorporate vocals such as "For the love of beats" & "Would you please F*** Off" - but Destination House use these vocals with a brave confidence to give character. A single high-pitched string keeps you on the edge of your seat, while the crisp percussion creates a groove along with the simple bassline and high hats, which are second to none. A nice smooth key stab with delays here and there create what, for me, deep house is all about!

The second track on the EP, Barbados separates itself nicely from the other tracks and adds sunshine to the release. A smooth, deep sound with a single note synth is consistent throughout the whole track and a combination of high hats and a speech vocal creates that warm sound that will grace any dancefloor in the early hours. This track gives the EP a deep euphoric summer feeling much needed by us all in the winter months.

The Dutch musician Tom Ruijg really drives his own style into this release, beefing up the EP into something special! He takes the original of Destination House, increases the bpm to 125, and adds a double kickdrum in places to help give that roll and main room feel you want on the dance floor! The breakdown is smooth , keeping the bassline throughout, which helps create that deep rumble we all love on a good thumping sound system.

What's most intriguing about this EP is its versatility - and, a perfect balance of warmth, depth and a touch of the old skool, really sums up this EP. True Soul are onto a winner with this one!

Reviewed by - Harry Matisse
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