Mr G | Danceholic's EP

Tracks 1. Dont Ever Give Up
  2. Guidance (T2 Edit)
  3. Danceholic's
  4. Dont Ever Dub (Digital Only)
Genre Deep House



10" Vinyl / Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

2nd May 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


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Holic Music


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Holic has been a consistent force in London for over five years now, proving they know a thing or two about how to put on quality parties. They've focused their attention on House and allowed its various sub-genres the opportunity to use their platform also - but, in truth, they are a House party through and through. When they felt it was high time to begin a label, they started Holic Trax. And who better to sign for their debut release than Mr.G (Colin McBean) The collaboration is nothing short of a stroke of genius - a class pairing of two solid gold House souls who have journeyed side-by-side through a naturally ascending history.

Mr G's name is synonymous with honest and unforgiving House and Techno. He's stayed true to this style throughout the 20 plus years he's worked and lived in the scene - and, even now, it's clear to hear in his current work. Creating this EP with little more than an MPC and a modest collection of outboard gear, the sound is typically raw and, of course, naturally groovy.

The EP kicks off with, Don't Ever Give Up. An upfront cut of bass and synth-laden House, which confidently breaks into the groove from the outset. Simple two-chord stab work and a three-note bass pattern combine to form a delectable rhythm. A lesson in simplicity is what we have here. Mr.G's slender use of synth elements could easily sound wanting, but with the experience of the man you find yourself caught in a typically brilliant amalgamation of very little that yields a hell of a lot. A driving, unashamed brute of a track that's rounded off with a vocal sample ("Don't fight the feeling, girl.")

Second up is, Guidance (T2 edit), beginning with a pulsey yet acidic bass pattern which rolls throughout as the bubbling building blocks of the track. Demanding hat work on the offbeat carry the track forward with a vocal sample adding more texture and complimenting the harder, deeper work going on below, rather than offering lyrical riffing. This is a roller, which thanks to Mr.G's expertise, is effortlessly delivered. Clever and well constructed, Guidance is no showpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but every good DJ set needs a consistent groover to carry the dance floor whilst you prepare your next move.

EP title track, Danceholics is an hypnotic affair going a stage further than each of the previous two tracks - offering a no-thrills groove in the low end and spaced-out, airy goodness in the mid and high-end. The leading synth is rather industrial with an ambiguous stab that rhythmically counteracts the bassline with it's own straight-up timing. It's a combination that works brilliantly and gives the track the ability to offer you more than just the bassline groove to move to for its eight-minute yield. A rather formal spoken tag line asks: "Haven't I seen you somewhere in this building before?', a common question with many a spaced-out party-head - but its formality only adds to the oddness and further compliments the track, especially given it's destination; the dance floor.

Closing the EP is the Dub mix of Don't Ever (Give Up), a straight-up dub version of the opening track using a punchier kick to create deeper cut of the first.

Overall, this is a brilliant four-track EP of rolling House music with bass/low end grooves to keep any crowd dancing through the night (and morning). It oozes what, I think, Holic is all about and certainly reflects where Mr.G is right now. Quality UK House music containing certified groovers. Support it, bag it and enjoy it!


Words By: Leon Clarkson

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