J Cub feat Bibi - Crying Over You

Tracks 1. Crying Over You (BNJMN Rmx)

2. Crying Over You


3. Crying Over You (RNDM Rmx)

Genre Deep House




Cat No.


Release Date

Vinyl - 9th July 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Saints & Sonnets Link

Saints & Sonnets



Anything that “The Big Thing From Tring” Huxley is involved with these days, given his current form, demands our ears and attention immediately. The first two releases on his label Saints & Sonnets proved this to be a justified statement, and the third release from E.A.R boss J.Cub (Jacob Kelly) who teams up with the talented vocalist BIBI, with remixes from BNJMN and RNDM, could make it three out of three for the boys at S&S.

The original mix starts with a selection of beautiful sounds that already put you in the frame of mind to melt into the record; deep warm pads, sexy hat formations, an occasional wet, echoed thud that teases you into predicting a 4/4 kick drum has arrived. Instead, in comes the exquisite voice of BIBI, with a delicate vocal that sits perfectly in the track with a little bit of a 90s vibe in style and energy. Mix that with the atmospheric strings that give it a really complete feeling - this spacey, modern production, with many subtle influences old and new, is a fantastic piece of work and most certainty worth listening to.


First remix up is from BNJMN – a slightly more direct approach, chopping the vocal up and coming in with a tasty, naughty bass line that somehow keeps the delicate nature of the vibe from the original mix. As the track builds, the chords grow, the percussion teams up, a sexy synth line begins to cut through the frequencies pushing the feelings of this track to the next level. A tip-top mix taking a lot of the vibe and energy from the original and transferring it to a more danceable version. I’m a fan.

The last remix is from RNDM, starting from the off with some chunky drums and rolling percussion, still keeping the emotion of the original with the sensual pads and the echoing vocal, but definitely pushing more of a driving direction with the deep, throbbing bass line and long breakdown. A great take on the original, you can imagine this very solid track going down very well on the beaches in Ibiza this year ;)


Overall, a fanatastic EP. Solid stuff from the boys at Saints & Sonnets yet again! Go and grab it on vinyl while you can. These tracks won’t be going out of fashion for some time to come.


John Paul Scott

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