T-RWRK - Bootholic001

Tracks A1. Chante

B1. Paqui Tu Heppa

Genre House



Limited 12" Vinyl

Cat No.


Release Date

8th November 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!




Bootholic is the new, strictly vinyl only, label from the Holic Trax camp. The mission? To bring past classic’s back, up to date and in limited numbers. It’s a simple and enthralling prospect, with this debut release setting the standard, which from the point of view of Holic followers is already very high.


Chante - A solid, chugging gem of classic upfront House music with cool, sampled and intermittent vocal fills and archetypal House arrangement. It’s as though you can hear every raw punch of the drum machine it was made with as this plays along the 7mins53secs. Within 1min min all guns are blazing and by 2mins the first break rears it’s anxious little head. Vocals come in to play to cajole the ears and lift the mood, alongside some easy-peasy bass filtering, which drops back after a casual 35secs and straight back to form.


This whole track comes together with such aplomb that whilst I play this and think of fun words to write about it I’m filtering the bass in and out, which hasn’t gotten old yet - baring in mind I’m on my 1176th go doing only that. It will eventually get old, but the sentiment remains that this is a ballsy fist-pumping beauty that is hard to stop enjoying.


The formula is simple, the elements are incredible and the result is a class re-work of a 90s boomer, oozing dance-ability that can be given automatic record-box-essential certification. If you’re not already the coolest person all of your mates know then buy this. It won’t make you cool, but you’ll be seriously chuffed you now have this on limited vinyl! BOOM!


Paqui Tu Heppa. A masterpiece of chopped vocal samples and a pulsing bass line lead Paqui Tu Heppa out of the blocks and for the next 8mins05secs it’ll only get better! After the intro minute the upper percussive line enters the fray, with more stomping and upfront House percs than that of sister track, Chante. Brash off-hat’s and open/closed cymbals battle for mix space, whilst the kick and clap keep the rhythmic focus tight, in your face and rolling along sweetly.

Simple although expected filter breaks keep your ears in check throughout and the additional soft, swinging tease of a synth stab fits beautifully in to the mix, staying below the hectic hi’s but above the hard working low’s.


The breakdown doesn’t fall away from form and lets the vocal cuts take the stage again and tense hi-line synth create the anticipation. Dropping back in the mix at a little shy of 4mins30ses, the track makes the exquisite change of building to the drop. Drum rolling snare, windy white noise and nifty panning do the honours here to make the drop count above and beyond that of all previous, and from hereon it’s a further 3mins of unrelenting House music, plain and simple.


I have been left ambivalent in my attempt to pick a favourite here. It’s not a requirement by any means, but I normally find myself choosing something at the end of the process after the millionth listen. Originally it was Chante, then Paqui Tu Heppa, and then back again. And then…well, you can see the trouble I’m having. The tracks are proper tunes. Good and proper House music, which will remain in my box forever, and how fantastic to see this on Vinyl only. Long live the Black Plastic, for this be some serious HOT PLASTIC right thur.


Words by Leon Clarkson

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