Argumento Music Group| The 5th Argument EP

Tracks A1. Franklin De Costa - Bogart Space Funk

  B1. Ryo Murakami - Late Fall

B2. Bearweasel - Argumentative

Genre Deep House




Cat No.


Release Date

19th March 2012

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Bearweasel, Ryo Murakami & Franklin De Costa




Argumento Music Group have made waves with each EP they release. Defining themselves by the phrase 'quality not quantity', they deliver excellence every time and never fail to amaze us hypnotic Deep House lovers! Now on their fifth Argument EP, this latest in a series of tangible gems is yet another classy Deep House jam!


Bogart Space Funk – As the title suggests, Franklin De Costa's track brings a mind-bending, psychedelic feel to the table. Using effects simulating sounds of a robotic nature, and accentuating these tones during the breakdowns, De Costa achieves a rough, edgy Techno vibe to compliment the dark and moody atmosphere. Fierce pads additionally surround the track with plenty of reverb to emphasise the airy, spaced-out sensation. But what really sets De Costa apart from the mainstream, is his inspired decision to commit fully to a futuristic, 'trippy' sound and bin the more conventional percussion used in the majority of House music today.


Late Fall – Japanese artist Ryo Murakami presents us with yet another deep euphoric odyssey. Known for his complex yet minimalised live sets, Murakami continues his unique trademark sound with Late Fall. The track begins with a single pitched synth pad that wobbles singularly before a soft kick drum changes gear. This excellent track is then peppered with delicate snares, in the background as well as the fore, to complete the soothing hypnotic groove.


Argumentative - Bearweasel, a duo credited for their skills at lulling the listener into a delicious, trance-induced state, have added their distinct flavour to the EP with Argumentative. Showcasing their talent, they create a mellow yet bass-fuelled track which ranks right up there with the best in their ever-growing discography. With congas and shakers swinging each side, a robust kick drum simmers throughout while a high-pitched synth pad hovers overhead. The result is a formidable drum pattern which leaves you immediately smitten.


Less is more - FAR more in this EP - and for people who enjoy their Deep House simple, stripped back & intricate then this EP is almost certainly just what you've been looking for.


Reviewed by Harry Matisse

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