Mario Basanov feat. Jeremy Glenn - More For The Less

Tracks A1. More For The Less (Original Mix)

A2. More For The Less (Mario Dub)

  B1. More For The Less (Pablo Bolivar & Maurice Aymard Remix)
  B2. More For The Less (Michael J Collins Remix)
Genre Disco / House



Vinyl / Digital

Cat No.


Release Date

Vinyl - 18th February 2013

Digital - 4th March 2013

Mastered By

Unknown - We will find out!


Mario Basanov Link

apersonal music



‘More for the Less’ is Lithuanian, Mario Basanov’s most recent release on ‘Apersonal Music’. 2012 saw a meteoric rise for Basanov which included countless E.P releases and was finished by a full length, and first L.P. This release see’s Basanov team up with Canadian Jeremy Glenn, who provides the sleek and harmonious lyrics, and his backed by remixes from Michael J Collins, Pablo Boliver and Maurice Aymard.

The original mix is classic Mario, slow and sexy at 105 BPM, appregiating mid synths, and is beautifully arranged to create dramatic peaks, while still retaining the soulful integrity of disco. Also employed are epic guitar licks and loops coupled with a clean percussion line, which help bring the song together. Finally, the vocals and lyrics by Jeremy Glenn have to be mentioned, in one word; epic!

Secondly on the A Side, is the ‘Basanov Dub Mix’. Instantly the BPM’s are kicked up, it goes deeper, darker, and the mid synths are replaced with an absorbing bass line. The Percussion line screams jackin’ house and provide the song with a Chicago House vibe. Basanov has changed the vocal arrangement to create a completely different song to the original. He continues on to cut and chop the vocals in the chorus, providing ridiculous groove. Usually dub mixes can be monotonous, repetitive and boring; however this is the absolute standout on this E.P-Thumbs up Mario.

The B Side see’s another deep interpretation of ‘More for the Less’. Pablo Boliver and Maurice Aymard join forces to create a mix that teases and samples parts of the original but creating a laid back feel. The song is primarily driven by a combination of appregiating mid lengths and deep house infused bass.

Followed by the Aymard and Boliver Remix is the Michael J Collins Remix (who has made a name for himself on Wolf + Lamb), which subs out Jeremy Glenn for Benito for the vocals. A completely different take again on the original, which provides a fantastic diversity on the E.P. Collins has employed hip hop elements to his mix along with a mixture of high pass filters and loops, which provides the perfect ending to another brilliant Mario Basanov release.

The digital release will see another Redub mix by Basanov that takes it into sunrise mode.


Reviewed By - Sam Devitt

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