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Up & coming rising star Brett Jacobs from East London has been gaining a lot of interest and recognition within the House Music scene in 2012, And all for good reason. With popular releases on Luna Records and Karton helping propel Brett Jacobs into the forefront of many records bags, its to no surprise that we are seeing his name more frequently at events all around the world. Hot Plastic's Harry Matisse had the chance to talk with Brett and expand further on his successful year and whats to come.


Brett Jacobs

United Kingdom


I Care EP


I Care EP (Juno Records)


Brett Jacobs! How you doing? I understand you have been a busy man recently?


Yes, I'm well thanks, this year has been very busy for me in general. Not complaining though!


Any exciting parties to tell us about that you have played at recently?


I’ve been spoilt with some great gigs this year but ones that spring to mind would have to be the Cloak & Dagger party in Birmingham which was really good and also Carnival Closing at Sankeys in Ibiza which was great, and very messy!


What influenced you to begin producing electronic music? I can remember when we used to play locally in clubs, but I wont elaborate too much on that era!


I began DJ'in when I was 12 years old but it was at the age of 17 when I was playing regularly in clubs that I become intrigued in how sounds were sculptured and how tracks were put together, I purchased a MacBook Pro and Logic. The rest is history.


You are certainly gaining a lot of interest lately from labels and clubs alike. How exciting has this last year been for you?


Yeah, its been great and a bit overwhelming at times, I have had some close support on my music from a range of DJ's such as tINI, Yaya, Hector, Shlomi Aber, Gel Abril, Chris Lattner, Enzo Siragusa to name only a few, which has really helped in push my sound and also get exposure as an artist.


Label wise, I prefer to stick with only a few that I can relate to, that work well and that release the music that I believe in obviously.


Having heard your productions, your sound is very minimalistic in the sense that less is more. Do you find that to be the case with your productions?


Haha, I have this said to me a lot actually. I do try and keep my tracks striped back as I feel that the groove of a track is what makes it and if you can't hear that groove and the drums behind a whole host of other elements then things can sound too crowded and parts lose their space within the mix. This is not the case for every track of course but for me it works and I do believe, less is more.


How would you define your sound you achieve? Would you class it has House music?


Yes of course its house music I try not to place my music, or any music in fact to genres too much. Today, what some people call Deep House, others will call Techno. But to me good music is good music whatever genre it falls under.


What are your views on the recent movement within house music? It has certainly blown up in recent years. And we are seeing more and more people involved with what is heavily interpreted as “Deep House”. What would you call it?


The dance music scene is always evolving which is why it has lasted so long but I have defiantly seen over the last couple of years that more and more people, especially in London are following the house music scene, or as some call it, the "Deep House Scene".


I have seen a lot of debates on social networks sites recently where people are arguing about what music is cool and what promotions/DJ's are not. At the end of the day, it all comes downs to opinions. There is enough great club nights for people to choose where they want to go and what type of music/DJ's they would prefer to hear, for me, I have my sound, and I do what I do and believe in, its not for everyone but that’s what makes artists unique.


What artists and DJ’s do you feel are pushing the boundaries within electronic music. Any particular favorites?


There are some great artists out there at the moment pushing all sorts of boundaries within electronic dance music. The Fuse and Desolate crews are doing great things as per usual but also I have a lot of other friends pushing through that are making great music such as Samu.l, Randall M, Chad Andrew, Stuart Hawkins, Patrice Meiner, Jun Akimoto, Loquace, Rhadow, Etc. I have to say it though; production wise, Martin Buttrich is still top of the pile.


How much time are you spending in the studio? I can imagine you have a few labels chasing you for releases. Do you tend to have a backlog of music from where you have been jamming in the studio before, or do you begin a new project when a certain label approaches you?


The last 6 months I have spent a lot of time in the studio finishing off tracks that are due for release in 2013 and also working on a number of collaborations with some great artists such as ONNO, Fosky, Samu.l etc


Some labels do approach me asking me to produce an EP especially for them, but I much prefer to make the music first without that pressure, and then let labels decide if its for them or not.


I really don't believe in trying to make music that other people or labels may like when its not a true representation of you as an artist.


Any particular personal release that is your favourite? I certainly enjoyed the release via Luna.


To be honest, I tend to not be a critic of my work so I am going to say nothing on this one. I still think my best EP's are to come for sure. Watch this space.


I can remember seeing you in Ibiza, once playing at Itaca and with the crew at Fuse Sankeys Ibiza. I understand you also played at Sankeys? What does the white isle mean to you and how has it influenced yourself as an artist.


I have been going to Ibiza for many years, even as a child with family etc so I know the island pretty well and for me, it is one of the most special places in the world. Even away from the clubbing, the island is incredible. As soon as you land the whole vibe is just so different from anywhere else I have been which is why I think I have a lot of friends and family that live there all year round now.


Music wise, Ibiza 2012 was great as per usual, I played Sankeys a couple of times and also Itaca, all of which are blurry memories but the highlight was playing for Departure at the Carnival Closing. Every time I am on the island, I feel so inspired and it helps when returning to the studio.


You seemed to have gained a relationship with the guys at London based party organizer and record label Fuse. And your sound most certainly reflects that. How has Fuse influenced your career so far?


Yes, Fuse was a big turning point for me in the fact, it changed the whole concept in the way I both listened to and produced electronic music. All the boys down there are great and we get on well.


Talk to us about your studio set up.  Are you old skool or nu skool? Are there any particular programs or machines you find help define your sound?


My studio set up is pretty basic. It’s all I need at this stage. I have some MacBook Pro's running Logic, Adam A7 monitors, Roland FA, 66 interface, some Midi Controllers and a whole host of Plug ins/VST's. Again, less is more haha


What aims and ambitions have you got going into the New Year? Any exciting news you can share with us?


Going into the New Year, I have a bundle of releases planned. Firstly I have original tracks that are due to drop on Fusic, Be As One etc. Then I also have collaborations with Jun Akimoto, Onno, Fosky, Samu.l, Patrice Meiner and Loquace that are also due out on various labels. Can't say too much else at the moment.


Where can we find you next? Any exciting bookings coming up in the near future?


Over Christmas and into early Next Year I will be playing it Switzerland, Germany, Italy and London on Boxing Day. See my RA & Soundcloud page.


Was an absolute pleasure speaking with you Brett.


No Problem, pleasure.


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