DJ Chart.

Kastil - February '12


DJ, Producer,
Vitoria, Spain


She's Back


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Artist: Deymare

Track: Forgotton
Label: Hizou Deep Rooted Music

Feedback: Essential release, all tracks are amazing!!! Deymare one is a BOMB!

Artist: James Johnston

Track: XTC
Label: No Matter What

Feedback: Dope house tracks by James on this EP!

Artist: Shane Linehan

Track: Hidden Harmony
Label: Basic Grooves

Feedback: Really like "Hidden Harmony", classic house vibe!!!!

Artist: Fudge Fingas

Track: Mass X (Vakula Dub Remix)
Label: Firecracker

Feedback: Crazy mix by vakula like always. Superb.

Artist: Linkwood

Track: Secret Value
Label: Shevchenko

Feedback: Linkwood!!! No more words needed about this...

Artist: Robotalco

Track: Baby 3000 (Cottam Remix)
Label: Seven Music

Feedback: The whole EP is good! And Cottam remix is awesome.

Artist: Brian Gardner & Brenda D

Track: Deeper Shade Of Blue (Ernie Remix)
Label: Minuendo

Feedback: Amazing release by Minuendo, sweet deepness

Artist: Benedikt Frey

Track: Fairytale feat Chris Cox
Label: Mule Electronic

Feedback: Trippy dreaming music by Benedikt, love this guys music!

Artist: Dubbyman

Track: Kirigi Is Coming
Label: Ornate Music

Feedback: The three tracks on this are very good, BIG E.P!

Artist: Anton Zap

Track: Clarksville
Label: Ethereal Sound

Feedback: Killer beauty. 10* by the one and only Anton Zap

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